Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First 5 minutes with Kubuntu Lucid Lynx


During the weekend I ran into the news that Lucid Lynx 10.04 LTS, the new upgrade of Ubuntu, was already available. As a Linux fan this is always good news, but at the same time I'm wary about bugs an problems that can delay what I'm doing at the moment or even break something and make my system unusable for a couple of days.
It was time to check the features included in this version and see if they were interesting enough to make me go “lucid”.

It turned out that most of the things were already somehow available for me, but what mainly caught my attention was the new Ubuntu One music store, open for many European countries including Estonia, unfortunately not so sure about Venezuela and other Latin American countries yet.

One of the best things of the store is that it will be synched with Ubuntu One, the cloud storage solution offered by Canonical, which means that all my songs will be available in my work and personal computer automatically. Besides this, if you buy through the store you’ll get to help the Iberian Lynx:

To contribute to the charity all you have to do is buy a track at the normal cost. That's it. Canonical will give away 50% of our take of the revenue up to a total of $1004. You can of course directly contribute to the charity if you prefer.”

After reading all this I decided to go for the upgrade, which took around 7 hours with a 80KB/s average download speed and around 1 hour to install, remove deprecated packages and configure the whole thing. In the end, it was the smoothest upgrade ever! Though I have to warn that some people with dual partition (I removed Windows a while ago) have had problems after reboot, so it might be wise for you to check this out before doing it.

My first impression? Awesomeness! The UI seems more stable and integrated, boot up time reduction is obvious, in general you can feel that it was totally worth doing the upgrade J

So that’s it, I hope this gives you enough interest to give a try to the new Lucid Lynx!