Tuesday, June 2, 2009

JavaFX @JavaOne 2009

Now that the JavaOne opening presentation is over my guess is that most JavaFX developers are thrilled with all the news presented in just a couple of hours and jumped back on their keyboards trying to code the newest coolest application out there, on my side I decided to post a summary of the news that interested me the most:
  • Oracle CEO Larry Ellison giving his support to JavaFX and talking about Oracle's interested in this technology.
  • JavaFX SDK 1.2 available on Linux even though is a beta version it is still good news.
  • An enhanced version of the plugin for Eclipse is available for those that are not so keen to use Netbeans that much. You can read more information about the release on Neil Bartlett's blog entry here.
  • Finnally a reasonable good UI tool is available, take a look at JFXBuilder here, it is still in the early stages but it offers a few cool things.
  • Verizon revealing that will open an application store based on Java ME and also making available APIs for developers to write rich applications.
Well it has been a very good day for Java developers, and let's hope that all (or at least most) of the doubts about the future of JavaFX is clear after these annoucements, I guess the time will tell.