Sunday, September 13, 2009

Migrating from Blogger to Joomla

After checking out a couple of articles on the Pros and Cons of keeping my blog on Blogger, I finally made the (a bit painful) decision of moving my things to a Joomla based solution on my own domain before it is too late. If you are wondering why, well three things pushed me to do it:
  1. Google is rich and famous enough, so I don't need to keep using in my blog, and well the real reason behind this is that you will lose all search rankings and links to your site.
  2. Moving the content from your blog to Joomla can be a problem sometimes, and the more you wait the more content you will have to fix.
  3. Having your own domain for 7$ is not a high price to pay for having all the control on your site.

Other people have other reasons to leave and some people are totally happy staying with Blogger, in the end it's up to you... as usual.
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